Artist Statement

Being a very linear artist, my creative expressions involve lines in one form or another.  Mainly using organic lines, like the ones found in nature, I create intense detailed drawings in pen and ink on paper and acrylic/mixed media paintings on canvas and panel.  My work can be categorized as abstract, visionary, shamanic/tribal, mystical, or whimsical.  In the early stages of the creative process I focus inward, clear my mind, relax, open up, and let go.  In this receptive state, inspiration often starts with a simple doodle that can end up becoming quite elaborate.  As the work progresses, I make decisions and direct where I wish to take it. But in general, I find myself pulling order out of chaos. In other words, bringing the work into greater “alignment, (a line meant)”.  I equate lines as threads that can be manipulated to create all kinds of images, especially a sense of movement and texture.  I also make much use of dots, and dots are nothing more than very short lines.  Iridescence is also a fascination.  I find it hypnotizing and therefore iridescent ink is very prominent in my work.  

"Pulling something out of nothing is the highlight of my life".  - Pippi